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Custom Theater Design

Click the play button below to see how we create home theater masterpieces from scratch

A custom home theater is not something that comes in a box that you buy at the store. It is an experience that takes creative minds to design and careful planning and execution to properly implement into your home.

A home theater is supposed to be a work of art that adds a layer of luxury and elegance to your movie-loving lifestyle. Positive Technology Group has many years of home theater experience and is trained in all the latest surround sound and visual technologies to ensure you have the most positive experience possible with your home theater. Grab some popcorn, sink into a big comfy recliner and immerse yourself in a professionally-designed 3D sound-scape of your favorite film.

Home Theater Design & Construction

 Whether you're building a new home and can work with our team to design the ultimate theater from the ground up or you have an existing home and have a room with the potential of receiving the ultimate makeover, our team has the design and installation experience to create the home theater of your dreams.

Home Theater 

Create the perfect home theater or media room from construction to installation. Imagine a dedicated room in your home well equipped with a high resolution 4K projector, a screen size 2-3 times the average television, heart pounding 7.1 surround sound speakers, plush leather seating, and just the right lighting to set the mood. 

Home Theater Seating & Accessories

Add to the ambiance of your home theater or media room with genuine theater seating & theater accessories. We have a large comprehensive collection of home theater seating from multiple vendors. Our specialists are here to help you select the perfect home theater seating and home theater accessories. 

Home Theater

Enhance your home theater theatrical experience with an impressive acoustical design. Having an awesome screen and a powerful sound system is only part of the equation. Complete your home theater experience with acoustic panels to bring the sound of the cinema to your living room. Your movies have never sounded better.

Constant advances in technology continue to make audio/video systems more exciting, more elegant and easier to use every year. With custom solutions for any lifestyle or commercial application, Positive Technology Group is sure to deliver an audio/video experience for your home or business that is second to none.

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